Zeboka Story


What does Zeboka mean?

“Zebo” from Tajik language means “beauty”, while “Zebocha” is a diminutive form usually used to describe beautiful girls.

The original idea was to name the store Zebocha, but most of our international friends read it as “Zeboka”. That’s how we made the decision to give the Tajik word an international touch and name the store Zeboka.


What Zeboka sells?

Zeboka sells handmade accessories, home decor and clothing from Central Asia. Every product has a traditional element: textile, pattern or the design, but is modern at the same time, which allows people to use these products in their daily life. The main fabric which is used in products is Ikat.


Why Zeboka exists?

The question was: “How can we introduce Central Asian culture to the rest of the world?” When we thought about this question, we considered something special and unique, something that differentiates that culture from others. And the most striking difference is the handmade Ikat (Adras) and other fabrics, which also represent the culture through accessories, home decor, clothing and much more. Those are products you will find in our store.

On the other hand, there are hundreds of professional artisans and craftsmen, who don’t have an access to the markets beyond Central Asia. We want to take care of the logistics and the distribution of their products to support those professionals and enable them market their amazing products internationally.


What is Ikat (Adras)?

The fabric we use is the famous handmade textile Ikat (Adras), which is considered a national heritage in countries like Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. The process of producing Ikat starts from processing and dying the yarn, drawing the patterns and weaving the textile.

The artisans weave Ikat with wooden machines and if one artisan works the whole day, only about 10m of Ikat is produced. As one machine is operated by one person, the width of Ikat is limited to 50cm, but the length varies.

Up to 640 colors can be combined to create beautiful patterns, but the main colors are blue, red and yellow. Those patterns symbolise something related to nature, animals and the lifestyle of those artisans. Every pattern is unique, as it’s nearly impossible even for the same artisan to recreate the same pattern.


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