Handmade Ikat Organizer "Suzan Rishta"

  • €14.90

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Lose your scissors, barrette  or comb every time? Don’t have a specific place for them? We thought about this problem and created beautiful Tajik style organizer to make your life easier.

Hang it wherever you like, place whatever you lose and add uniqueness to your interior design with nicely designed hanger.

About this product:

  • Color: colorful
  • Size: 26x12 cm
  • Material: Ikat (70% cotton+30% silk)
  • Care: dry clean   

Please note that this item is handmade by trained and experienced artisans in Tajikistan. Therefore any minor imperfections and variations, whether in color, size, texture or pattern, should be considered as part of the special uniqueness of this item.

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