Hand Knit Jurabi Socks "Zimiston"

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Jurabi are essential in cold Pamir region as these hand knit wool socks are very warm and cozy.

These Jurabi are from Bartang - one of those rare regions were you can find original handmade Jurabi. Needlewomen in Pamir never repeat the same patterns, which makes every Jurab unique and special. Nature, animals and fire represented in patterns mainly in green, red, orange and yellow colors.

As the wool threads dyed naturally, the colors might slightly change after wash.

Want to have a pair of comfy and warm socks with beautiful patterns? Order now!  


About this product:

  • Color: colorful
  • Size: 38-40
  • Material: 100% natural wool
  • Care: hand wash at 30°C, separate delicate wash 


Please note that this item is handmade by trained and experienced artisans in Tajikistan. Therefore any minor imperfections and variations, whether in colour, size, texture or pattern, should be considered as part of the special uniqueness of this item.

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